Accessorize With Garden Ornaments

Like your clothing accessories or the décor displayed inside your home, your choice of garden accessories reflect your character and lifestyle. The devil is always in the detail, and choosing the right garden ornaments to compliment your space is an essential aspect of your overall design.

Historically, 19th and 20th Century gardens featured sophisticated ornamentation such as fountains, statuary and sundials. Today, dealers and reclamation yards have found a market for these heritage pieces, whilst reproductions of these classics are readily available from garden retailers.

But as gardening as a hobby has turned into something of a national obsession, the manufacture of garden ornaments and garden decorations have developed to be inclusive for all, and the modern suburban garden does not necessarily have the space for fountains and statuary. In more recent times, reproductions have made way for ornaments such as decorative planters, bird tables and that much maligned of ornaments – the humble garden gnome.

Today, we have an abundance of garden ornaments to select from, offering something to suit all tastes and styles. With gardens decreasing in size, given over to hardscaping and a general decline in the public’s gardening skills, garden ornaments offer an opportunity to add interest and personality to your space.

Similarly, the proliferation of urban roof gardens and terraces dictates that many of us don’t have the flowerbeds and boarders we once had to showcase our favourite plants and shrubs. The green-fingered have subsequently turned to potted plants and décor to improve their space’s appeal.

Whilst larger pieces of décor often act as a focal point in the garden, smaller pieces can be viewed as the finishing touches that convey your garden’s style. These smaller ornaments are also perfect for filling a gap in a flowerbed, or adding interest to a shady or unloved corner. With this in mind, you should ensure that your ornaments compliment your garden and avoid any clashes.

For example, in a contemporary garden with bright colours you will find that reflective or gloss-finished garden ornaments work beautifully. These textures are also effective in smaller outdoor spaces as they maximise the impact of your garden.

High Gloss Cherry Ornament

Glossy Cherry Ornament in Contemporary Garden

Alternatively, if your garden predominantly features evergreens and foliage then you may prefer the raw and rustic look of metal garden ornaments. These pieces will also compliment a cottage garden, or the current trend for a wild garden.

six types of garden art

Rustic Sphere Compliments Surroundings

An advantage of these smaller ornaments is they offer plenty of scope for experimentation, as these pieces are highly portable. Trial your ornaments in various positions around your space until you find the right spot. You can also pack away your ornaments for winter if they no longer compliment a fallow winter garden. And remember you can go vertical too with some modern garden wall art!

Today’s gardener will get just as excited about their selection of garden accessories as the plants that surround them. Take your time to find the right pieces and experiment, but remember that a garden is never truly ‘finished’. Regularly re-position and review your selection of ornaments, and consider how they compliment not only your garden, but also yourself.

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Posted in June 2015