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Garden Lanterns

Enjoy the after dark garden with the specially curated range of modern garden lanterns. Choose from both candle and batter powered LED lanterns selected for their appeal and quality. Ideal for your own garden, or a thoughtful garden gift.

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Our Garden Lanterns Collection

This collection of contemporary garden lanterns will bring both light and warmth to the nighttime garden. All of our lanterns are of the highest build quality, and are perfect for garden parties or relaxation in the evening.

Choose from either candle powered or LED garden lanterns. Our particular favorite is to use a battery powered flame-free candle, which provide consistent light with no relighting required.

Place an outdoor lantern on your terrace or patio, or hang them from a screw, nail or even a tree. Experiment with the decorative effects of outdoor lighting to discover what works best in your space.

Our garden lanterns come in metal, glass or genuine rattan wooden finishes. When not in use these pieces also work very well as garden decorations, so you can even enjoy them in the daytime. You can even use them indoors!