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Garden Ornaments

Shop our specially curated range of contemporary garden ornaments. These stunning resin, stone and metal ornaments have been selected for both their appeal and quality. Our garden ornaments make for the perfect garden gift, or enjoy them in your own outdoor space.

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Our Garden Ornaments Collection

We focus on contemporary garden ornaments, enabling you to make a modern style statement and bring some individuality to your outdoor space. Maximize impact with large fruit or animal pieces, or augment a rustic garden with our metal garden ornaments.

Your choice of garden accessories can be influential in determining your garden’s overall theme and atmosphere. Our large garden ornaments can create focal points which help to direct the viewer’s eye around your space. These large pieces can also work well as a centerpiece to an outdoor seating or entertaining area. Alternatively, garden art can be used as accent pieces to compliment your garden’s theme or to add a splash of color. Such accent decorations can also add a visual twist by creating a contrasting effect in the garden. 

Our range of premium poly resin ornaments are among the best in the UK. Poly resin is a strong compound that requires no maintenance and can be intricately molded. This material also gives a smooth finish that is perfect for painting, allowing your purchase to deliver their stunning visual effect. Our metal garden ornaments are fabricated from steel so you can enjoy them year after year, with their appearance changing with the seasons.

Most gardeners associate garden ornaments with summer, but some inventive use of outdoor decor can bring some renewed interest at any time of year. Some clever deployment of  such objects will help to keep your garden fresh during the fallow seasons. You can use these to plug any gaps in your garden, and as your flowers fade garden accessories can help to rejuvenate your space.

We believe that our range represent the best contemporary products in the UK. You won’t find these pieces in a garden center! And not only would these adornments enhance your own space, but can also make great gifts for gardeners.

Learning how to use garden ornaments will help to create amazing results for your outdoor space