Six Types of Garden Art

With Garden Art becoming increasingly popular, you may be wondering how you can incorporate a piece into your outdoor living space. Garden Art not only looks great, but can also provide a focal point, brighten an unloved corner or break the monotony of a fence, wall or screen.

But as with any discipline within home and garden design, fashions change. So here are Six Garden Art trends for today’s contemporary outdoor living spaces.

Garden Ornaments

Once derided by garden purists as cliche, garden ornaments have made a comeback in recent years. This could be due to the abundance of designs that are available today, which offer ornaments to suit all styles and tastes. With gardens generally decreasing in size and frequently given over to hardscaping, garden ornaments also give the opportunity to quickly make an impact in the garden.

The key when selecting garden ornaments is to only select pieces that compliment your garden’s style, and seek to avoid any clashes.

Garden Sculpture

The British have a love affair with garden sculpture spanning three centuries, and traditional statuary, displayed in a grand garden, is stunning and timeless. Garden Sculpture is also where the big money is spent in the garden art world, with pieces by recognised sculptors often priced in five figures or higher.

If you want to make a statement with your garden art, you should definitely consider saying it with a sculpture. Abstract pieces are always popular, and I’m particularly fond of figurative and spherical designs.

Chris Webb Garden Art

The Garden Buddha

My original intention was to include The Garden Buddha in the above Garden Sculpture section, but such is their ubiquity they deserve a special mention. The Garden Buddha is definitely having a moment!

Usually crafted from stone, wood or resin, The Garden Buddha can add a feeling of Zen to your garden. Buddha is often associated with feelings of calm and spirituality, so it’s easy to see why these are popular pieces of Garden Art.

If you are thinking of curating a Buddha for your garden, you should be aware of the meanings of Buddha poses and postures.

Garden Decorations

You can use garden decorations as ‘accent pieces’ to harmonize and compliment your garden’s theme. For example, metal garden spheres work very well in a rustic styled garden. Alternatively, some use of garden wall art can embolden a drab fence or garden wall. A fire pit will not only provide you with heat but often have a strong architectural feel and look great if when not in use!

Meanwhile, the trend for Corten Steel  continues unabated!

Stained Glass & Mirrors

Stained / Colored Glass glistens, reflects and sparkles… making it easy to brighten your outdoor space.

In Britain, references to the use of Stained Glass date back to the 7th Century. The use of contemporary Stained Glass in your garden will give a nod to an art-form that’s been around for well over 1,000 years….I kinda like that! Among others, you can choose from glass panels, suncatchers or glass sculpture.

It is well known in interior design circles that a mirror in an enclosed space gives the illusion of a larger space. So consider installing a mirror to your patio, terrace or yard if space is at a premium.

Stained Glass Garden Art

Wooden Garden Art

The most accessible type of garden art, wooden pieces are also the most popular with DIYers.

Pieces are often carved by hand, and once again animal and plant themes are popular! Totems, mushrooms, driftwood…the choices are many. Wooden Garden Art can also be functional: interestingly desgined benches, seating and signage are available everywhere. For something more original consider commissioning your own chainsaw sculpture!

Garden Fence Art

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  1. Lorna said:

    Some very beautiful illustrations. Glad to see you pointed out “meanings of Buddha poses and postures” You’d want to convey the right message! Lot of food for thought. Hopefully we will be able to purchase these beautiful objects through your website soon?

    • Nick said:

      That’s right Lorna, it’s very important to consider the meaning behind certain Buddha postures, almost ignorant if you don’t!

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