Use Garden Art to Refresh a Fading Space

Garden Sphere

Some clever use of garden art can bring new interest to an outdoor space, particularly at this time of year.

As we head toward autumn, many of your plants will have finished blooming and are starting to look tired. If you have a vegetable patch you might be busy harvesting your bounty. The temperature may have dipped, but the soil remains warm and weeds are still growing.

Keeping on top of weeds, dead heading plants, harvesting fruits and vegetables and removing debris can leave you with little to look at and enjoy. However, this kind of activity creates opportunities to use garden art to cover the receding and empty spaces left behind.

Consider using garden ornaments to fill gaps, add interest and keep your garden pleasing to the eye. Contemporary garden ornaments are usually weather and frost resistant, allowing you to enjoy them all year round. Garden ornaments can also be crafted from metal so depending on your garden’s style, there will be a garden ornament to suit anybody’s taste.

Similarly, garden decorations can be used to inject some much needed interest into the autumnal or winter garden. Depending on your garden’s theme, you could use a garden sphere to bring some rustic charm to your space. A fire pit would not only provide you with heat, but could also double up as a great piece of garden decor.

As your pots and containers begin to fade, garden wall art can be used to rejuvenate your patio or entertaining area. You could also use garden wall art to break the monotony of a fence or boundary wall, as the plants and foliage surrounding them will soon start to recede as autumn beings.

When searching for garden art, the golden rule is to buy pieces that compliment your garden’s style and avoid any clashes. Avoid clutter as less is in many cases more, and personally I prefer the subtle to the grand in the Autumnal garden. Whatever garden art you choose, remember that you will be making a statement about yourself.

Looking for further  garden art inspiration? Check out our comprehensive guide to garden art, or shop our range of garden ornaments and garden decorations.

  1. Nikki said:

    Hi, do you do any larger size apples than the ones on your site? I like doing artistic creations for the garden and also for indoors and wondered if you know where I could get one about 70 to 100 mm in height? Regards, Nikki ps I bought your large black apple!

    • Nick said:

      Hi Nikki, thanks for your order! Unfortunately I don’t have anything larger at the moment, but am hoping to get some when they become available. I’ll keep you informed via e-mail, though they won’t be available for a few weeks yet.


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