What is Outdoor Living?

Outdoor Living AreaThere’s a revolution going on. The way in which we enjoy our gardens is changing.

No longer the preserve of retirees with a broad knowledge of horticulture, today we want our gardens to be an extension of our homes.

In short, we want to bring the inside outside.

Although established in the US, Australia and enclaves around the world for sometime, the Outdoor Living phenomenon is a relatively recent arrival to Britain. We have been inspired by homeowners who have extended their homes into their gardens, creating amazing spaces to relax, play and entertain.

A myriad of products have arrived in recent years to provide the functionality your gardens needs to facilitate this lifestyle, and the ensure you can use your garden beyond what the seasons usually dictate.

And we’re not just talking a weathered picnic table, a few directors chairs and a rusty charcoal barbecue. Homeowners at the forefront of this revolution have been installing inviting entertaining areas, outdoor kitchens, and even weatherproofed audio/visual equipment! There has been a surge of interest in garden art and modern garden ornaments. Practically anything you might find inside the house can now be adapted for the garden.

Contrary to popular belief, gardening is not just for those lucky people with plenty of time, money, and space to pour into their garden project. You don’t need a large country garden. If the space is outdoors and within your property’s boundaries you can create something amazing…garden, terrace, patio or yard!

Neither should gardening be seen as some kind of chore, to be included in your housekeeping schedule. You can create an amazing low maintenance garden or treat your garden as a permanent ongoing project…the choice is yours.¬†

With some inspiration, and a good deal of planning, you too can join the revolution.

Consider planning your garden in the same way as you would any other room: what goes on the floor, ceiling and walls? What furniture will I need? How will I decorate? You will need to consider your budget but remember that, as with any area of your home, the garden is a sound investment that will increase the value of your home. Perhaps the next owners will want to buy into the lifestyle that you have created?

  1. Lorna said:

    I an selling my house but can really imagine just what I could do with it if I were staying. I have planted so many pots this year and enjoy them immensely every single day. I hope to take some of your suggestions to my new home and develop that truly enjoyable outdoor space.

  2. Nick said:

    Hi Lorna, glad you enjoyed my opening salvo. Good luck with the house move and hope you manage to create a nice space at your new home. Even with a small space, you can create something quite special….

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